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TALK | Urban art practices: discussing the city landscape and its palimpsests

The team of artepublicart is organizing the talk about “Urban art practices: discussing the city landscape and its palimpsests”, host by Lusófona University at 5th of July of 2017, 5pm.

Please make sure you do not miss the opportunity to think critically about the positioning and impact of urban art practices in the contemporary cities and its urban environment. Special guests: Prof. Christian Gerini (Université de Toulon) and the French artist RÉZINE.

Urban mural practices | Timeline of Lisbon

The team of artepublicart created a timeline, referring to the key moments of urban mural production in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Starting in the beginning of the 20 th century, the inventory highlights the main mural movements across both 20 th and 21 st centuries.

Glossary | Visual Urban Practices

The team of artepublicart produced a glossary of visual urban practices, which can be fully accessed upon request to the following e-mails:

If your are interested in investigating further the artistic and cultural manifestations that happen in contemporary cities, with insights from the History of Art, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Design, Architecture, Cultural Studies, Visual Culture, Anthropology, Sociology, Urban Studies, Advertising, among others, this could be the right tool to improve your investigation, due to its deeply theoretical and conceptual inventory – based on the analysis of the most relevant authors on the subjects.