Contributions to the
study of urban murals in Lisbon

Cities have been investing and promoting urban art practices arised from manifestations like graffiti and street art, contributing to place mural in the scope of the main comissions in the contemporary art market. Despite their recognition in the visual culture of the cities (Irvine, 2012), urban mural is in need of further investigation focused on the contexts, creative processes, and ways of engagement associated with these phenomena.

The urban art practices engage a wide range of areas, such as the urban sociology, anthropology, geography, the gender and cultural studies. Recently, the literature about graffiti and street art has related some practices, techniques, styles, and results, with other movements like pop art and the land art (Lewisohn, 2012). In Portugal, the touristic information focus in the presentation and localization of murals (Zest, 2014). Mobile applications display not only the geographic location but also suggest urban art tours. However, both are in need of theoretic, conceptual, and curatorial perspectives.

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