CALL for contributions | Urban murals in Lisbon

Do you have any memories regarding the murals registered in the gallery bellow?

We are looking for your contributions regarding our investigation on urban mural production in Lisbon, since the 1970s. As a result, we would like to know if you established any kind of symbolic relation with some of the urban murals in Lisbon, and if so, please feel free to give us your feedback, since we are interested in rescueing the effective importance of mural practices in the evolution and engagement with society and cities’ issues. We are also inviting every researcher to enrich our website with scientific perspectives on urban art practices, so please send us an e-mail with an article, commentary, or paper, that you would like to see published on our website:

Summer course on “Urban arts, city, and digital culture” | Follow-up

The Summer Course developed by the team of artepublicart turned out to be a very rich and stimulating experience. Lusófona University welcomed a wide range of participants, from city councils, research centers, tourism platforms, among others. All the modules were lectured by professors and researchers with a deep know-how concerning urban art practices and its positioning accordingly to historical and social specific moments. Among the diversity of subjects approached, we highlight participation, architecture, muralism, public art, curatorship, mediation, social interaction, cultural industries, visual culture, digital culture, new media. The Summer Course was attended by the following teaching staff: Helena Elias (CICANT-ULHT), Inês Marques (CICANT-ULHT), Catarina Valente (CICANT-ULHT), Rita Ochoa (UBI-IUL), Sérgio Vicente (FBAUL-VICARTE), José Guilherme Abreu (UCP-CITAR), Cristina Pratas Cruzeiro (IHA-FCSH/CIEBA-FBAUL), e João Miguel Real (ULHT-UA). The workshop of visual arts and digital media resulted in a practice-research action where all the participants were invited to experience stop motion resulting in small animated projects.

TALK | Urban art practices: discussing the city landscape and its palimpsests

The team of artepublicart is organizing the talk about “Urban art practices: discussing the city landscape and its palimpsests”, host by Lusófona University at 5th of July of 2017, 5pm.

Please make sure you do not miss the opportunity to think critically about the positioning and impact of urban art practices in the contemporary cities and its urban environment. Special guests: Prof. Christian Gerini (Université de Toulon) and the French artist RÉZINE.

Summer Course ULHT | Workshop of visual arts and digital media

Registrations open

The workshop “Visual arts and digital media” is part of the study programme of the summer course in “Urban arts, city, and digital culture”, which will take place between 4-10 of July of 2017, at Lusófona University, Lisbon.

The Laboratory of Arts and Multimedia will host the workshop of three intensive hours where the participants will acquire competences in stop motion, video editing, visual arts, design, etc.

8th of July, 2pm – Save the Date!